Frequently asked questions

Travel Agent vs. Travel Consultant

The main difference between a Travel Agent and a Travel Consultant is the industries that they are in. Travel Agents are in "Sales & Marketing," and Travel Consultants are in "Travel & Tourism." A Travel Agents main goal is to sell you a vacation package being offered by one of the Travel Suppliers that the Travel Agency is partnered with. They are only interested in getting you to your destination. A Travel Consultants main goal is to provide you with an amazing Travel experience. We are interested in the experience you have before, during, and after you arrive.

What Are Your Fees?

Unfortunately, I have no control over the added fees that hotels, airlines, etc. may charge. Other than that, there are NO extra charges or fees for any of the services that I provide. I don't even charge a small fee for booking airline tickets.

Do You Have an Office?

I am an Independant Travel Consultant. As such, I work out of my home in Victor. As long as you schedule an appointment, you are more than welcome to come and talk to me.

How Do You Make Honeymoons Amazing?

I am so happy that you asked that question. It is actually much easier than you may think. Have you ever wondered how some cities make so much money from "Tourism"? It is because of the hard work and effort put in by the local "Travel & Tourism" Promoters. Their job is to market their city to consumers, but also to ensure that those consumers have a great time and want to come back. It's a lot like owning a business. Your income is not made on a customer only visiting you once. The survival of your business is reliant on providng great "Customer Serivce" so your customers want to come back and use your services over and over again. As a Travel Consulting working in the "Travel & Tourism" industry, I work closely with those "Travel & Tourism" Promoters. Instead of walking into a Travel Agency and walking out with a vacation package an hour later, your honeymoon itinerary is maticulously crafted over the course of serveral weeks using input from those promoters. In other words, you are not just arriving unannounced as just another tourist. They know you are coming, they know why you are there, and they are going to do whatever they can to make sure you come back.

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