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You have been dreaming about this moment for a long time. And now, it's finally happening. You are getting married to your best friend.

But there is a lot to get done before that happens. But do not stress.

You tell me what you want, I will make it happen.


Today is the day! You've said your vows, toasted each other, and danced the night away. Now it's time to relax.


While you are on the beach, I will be on the phone, making sure the next item on your itinerary is all ready for you.


Life is a journey. No matter where you are going, I can help get you there with the same focus on detail that made your honeymoon amazing.



You already have enough stress planning a wedding. You should not have to worry about planning your Honeymoon, too.

When you book with "The Honeymoon Planner", you get access to the same deals a Travel Agent would offer, as well as expert, professional travel advice, and concierge-style service. All at absolutely no additional cost to you.

Your itinerary is not just thrown together within a few hours. Your itinerary is meticulously crafted over the course of several weeks to ensure everything is absolutely perfect. 

When you arrive at your destination, you are not just another tourist. I speak directly with the travel & tourism professionals at your chosen destination so they know you are coming, they know why you are there, and they will do their absolute best to ensure your dreams come true.

A Honeymoon with "The Honeymoon Planner" is unlike anything you can experience booking on your own or through a Travel Agent. I am not in "Sales & Marketing" as Travel Agents are. I am in the "Travel & Tourism" business. My goal is not to only get you to your destination, but to ensure you are having a great time after you arrive.

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